Agricultural Job Opportunities in Saint-Sever, France ( 40 Agricultural Workers )

Agricultural Job Opportunities in Saint-Sever, France ( 40 Agricultural Workers )

Saint-Sever, located in the heart of southwestern France, offers a unique and vibrant environment for individuals seeking employment in the agricultural sector. One prominent opportunity in this picturesque region is the position of "Ouvriers Agroalimentaires H/F" (Agri-Food Workers) offered by Fermiers du Sud-Ouest, a renowned company within the agricultural industry.

Company Overview

Fermiers du Sud-Ouest is part of the Fermiers Landais and Fermiers du Sud-Ouest Group, recognized for its commitment to quality in the agri-food sector. The company plays a significant role in the local agricultural community, contributing to the region's economic growth.

Job Details

Position: Ouvriers Agroalimentaires H/F

Company: Fermiers du Sud-Ouest

Type: Temporary (Intérim)

Working Hours: -Morning Shift  -Night Shift

Scheduling Information

The work schedule is organized into day and night slaughter shifts, as well as a cutting shift. Day slaughter occurs from 4 am to 2 pm in both Saint-Sever and Pontonx-sur-l’Adour, while night slaughter takes place from 2 pm to midnight in Saint-Sever only. The cutting shift, from 6 am to 5 pm with a one-hour lunch break, is conducted exclusively in Saint-Sever.

Training Opportunities

The position offers training in various tasks, including packaging cut pieces into containers, trays, or air-free boxes. This comprehensive training ensures that workers are well-equipped to handle the responsibilities of the role and contribute effectively to the production process.

Application Process

Prospective candidates can apply for the Ouvriers Agroalimentaires H/F position through the Indeed website. For more information and to submit applications, visit the following link: 

Job Application on Indeed : Apply Here


Frequently Asked Questions

To address common queries, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

What are the primary responsibilities of Ouvriers Agroalimentaires H/F?

Ouvriers Agroalimentaires H/F are involved in tasks such as packaging cut pieces into containers, trays, or air-free boxes.

What is the work schedule for the positions offered?

The positions involve both morning and night shifts, with specific timeframes for day and night slaughter, as well as cutting.

How can I apply for the job?

Interested candidates can apply through the Indeed website using the following link: Job Application on Indeed.


Embarking on a career as an Agri-Food Worker in Saint-Sever, France, presents a unique opportunity to contribute to the thriving agricultural sector. Fermiers du Sud-Ouest, with its commitment to quality and training, offers a promising avenue for individuals seeking to be part of a dynamic and impactful industry.

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