Cleaner Jobs - Cleaning Jobs in Canada 2024 [Apply Now]

Cleaner Jobs - Cleaning Jobs in Canada 2024 [Apply Now]

Canada, known for its stunning landscapes and diverse cities, also offers promising job opportunities in various sectors. For those interested in the field of cleaning, Canada provides a stable and rewarding environment. we'll delve into the specifics of working in the cleaning industry in Canada, focusing on key details such as job requirements, responsibilities, and FAQs.

Job Details

Position: Cleaner

Salary: $22.50 per hour

Working Hours: 35 hours per week

Terms of Employment: Permanent, Full-time

Experience: Minimum of 7 months to less than a year (preferred)

Languages: English

Education: High school graduation certificate or equivalent experience


Floor Maintenance: The role involves sweeping, mopping, washing, and polishing floors to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning: Clean, sanitize, and polish kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances to ensure hygiene and a pleasant atmosphere.

Window, Wall, and Ceiling Cleaning: Tasks include washing windows, cleaning walls, and ceilings to maintain an overall clean appearance.

Customer Complaint Handling: The cleaner is responsible for addressing and resolving customer complaints promptly and professionally.

Elevator Cleaning and Sterilization: Ensuring elevators are regularly cleaned and sanitized to meet health and safety standards.

To explore more responsibilities, refer to the official Job Bank website: Job Bank - Cleaner

Application Deadline: February 18, 2024

Who Can Apply for this Job?

The employer accepts applications from:

  • Canadian citizens and individuals holding permanent or temporary residency status in Canada.
  • Other candidates, regardless of possessing a valid Canadian work permit or not.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can international candidates apply for cleaning jobs in Canada?

Yes, international candidates are welcome to apply, with or without a valid Canadian work permit.

What qualifications are required for this position?

A high school graduation certificate or equivalent experience is necessary, along with a minimum of 7 months of relevant experience.

Is English proficiency mandatory for this job?

Yes, proficiency in English is a requirement for effective communication in the workplace.

How can I apply for this job?

Interested candidates can apply through the official Job Bank website before the deadline on February 18, 2024.


Working in the cleaning industry in Canada not only offers competitive wages but also provides a stable and supportive work environment. Whether you're a Canadian resident or an international candidate, exploring cleaning jobs in Canada can be a rewarding career path.

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