Volunteer Opportunity in Poland with Visa Sponsorship and Monthly Salary

Volunteer Opportunity in Poland with Visa Sponsorship and Monthly Salary

Are you passionate about non-formal education for children, organizing cultural events, or social media management and project coordination? An incredible opportunity awaits you this spring! We are currently seeking six enthusiastic participants for a volunteering program in Poland. This unique experience involves engaging in non-formal education, community work, and office administration, providing a chance to immerse yourself in Polish culture while making a meaningful impact.

Activity Description

a. Non-formal Education: Engage in language lessons for children, teach human rights and environmental topics, and share knowledge about your native culture.

b. Community Work: Collaborate with a local community in Poznań, contribute to cultural and artistic events, support Przystanek Pireus, interact with artists and activists, and manage social media documentation.

c. Office Administration: Dive into administrative aspects such as project management, monitoring, and report preparation. Check the INFOPACK and application form here: Canva Link.

Accommodation, Food, and Transportation Arrangements

  • Monthly stipend of 1100 Polish Złoty for pocket money and food.
  • Travel expenses covered within ESC limits.
  • Accommodation provided at Jurand, a student residence with shared or individual rooms, Wi-Fi, refrigerators, and bed linens.
  • Conveniently located in Poznań with access to work sites, shared kitchen, and bathrooms.
  • Local transport card provided, and transportation is well-organized.

Training During the Activity

  • Orientation to discover the organization, its values, team members, projects, and methodology.
  • Assessment training at the beginning and mid-term organized by the Polish National Agency for all international volunteers.
  • Support from experienced youth volunteers, a work mentor, and a psychologist if needed.

Participant Profile

  1. Enthusiastic and active individuals with some experience in the relevant fields or a strong motivation to learn.
  2. Interest in providing non-formal education, organizing cultural events, or managing projects.
  3. Proficiency in English for effective communication.
  4. Alignment with the organization's values: commitment to civil peace, cross-cultural approach, anti-discrimination, openness to cultural and social differences, inclusivity, diversity, and intercultural cooperation.

Application Deadline

March 14, 2024

Application Link

Apply Here


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline?

The deadline for applications is March 14, 2024.

What does the monthly stipend cover?

The stipend covers pocket money and food expenses.

Is there language proficiency required?

Yes, proficiency in English is essential for effective communication.

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