Early Years Teaching Jobs in UK with visa sponsorship 2024

Early Years Teaching Jobs in UK with visa sponsorship 2024

England, with its rich history and diverse culture, provides an exciting opportunity for early years teachers. We will look at an exciting business opportunity in early childhood education in the UK, focusing on the popular Fennies Day Nurseries Ltd.

Overview of Early Childhood Education in England

England has a robust education system, particularly in the field of early years education. The country emphasizes the importance of a strong foundation in a child's early years, setting the stage for lifelong learning. Fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for young learners is a key focus, making it an ideal destination for those passionate about shaping young minds.

Fennies Day Nurseries Ltd

Situated in West London, Fennies Day Nurseries Ltd stands out as a leading provider of high-quality early years education. The company is currently seeking around 12 individuals to join their team and work in the United Kingdom on a 3-year visa.

Job Opportunity Details

Position: Early Years Teacher

Company: Fennies Day Nurseries Ltd

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to work with one of the top providers of early years education in the UK. With the company's growth, there are genuine prospects for career advancement within the 3-year visa period (minimum service requirement of one year).

Application Eligibility

Applicants from most countries worldwide are eligible to apply for this opportunity.

Job Benefits

Monthly Salary of £2,700: The competitive monthly salary reflects the commitment to valuing the skills and expertise of early years educators.

Free Meals: As a part of the job perks, employees will enjoy complimentary meals, contributing to a positive and supportive working environment.

3-Year Work Visa: Successful candidates will be provided with a work visa valid for three years, offering stability and the opportunity for a long-term career in the UK.

Comprehensive Health Insurance: Fennies Day Nurseries Ltd prioritizes the well-being of its employees by offering comprehensive health insurance coverage.

International Work Experience: Working with Fennies Day Nurseries Ltd provides a unique opportunity to gain international work experience and contribute to the global landscape of early childhood education.

Application Requirements

Prospective applicants need to submit a resume through the official website and fill out the online application form.

Application Deadline

The application process is open until the required number of positions is filled.

For more information and to apply, visit the official website: https://fennies.com


Who is eligible to apply for the teaching opportunity with Fennies Day Nurseries Ltd?

Applicants from most countries worldwide are eligible to apply. Fennies Day Nurseries Ltd encourages diverse candidates to contribute to their inclusive learning environment.

What is the minimum service requirement for the 3-year work visa?

The minimum service requirement is one year. Successful candidates can explore genuine opportunities for career advancement within the 3-year visa period.

Can I apply if I have limited experience in early childhood education?

Fennies Day Nurseries Ltd values a diverse range of experiences. While relevant experience is beneficial, candidates with a passion for early years education and a willingness to learn are encouraged to apply.

What documents are required for the application process?

The primary documents required include a resume, which can be submitted through the official website, and completion of the online application form.


Embarking on a teaching journey in England with Fennies Day Nurseries Ltd promises a rewarding experience, both professionally and personally. This opportunity not only allows educators to contribute to the development of young minds but also offers a chance for personal growth and career advancement within a globally recognized early years education provider.

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